Hall Pass red carpet premiere in Sydney

Hall Pass premiere

Hall Pass premiereThe Farrelly brothers’ brand new comedy, Hall Pass, saw its red carpet premiere in Sydney tonight at the Entertainment Quarter, also the site of Fox Studios, and The Reel Bits were on site despite the holes in our shoes. The brothers, Bobby and Peter, were in attendance, and the main reason for the larger crowd was its star Owen Wilson (How Do You Know), pictured left and below.

Hall Pass is currently the number one film at the US box office, making this another commercial winner for the brothers and actor Wilson. Co-starring Jason Sudeikis (30 Rock, The Bounty Hunter), it follows the pair as their wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) give them a week off marriage or a ‘hall pass’, allowing them to pursue a single life for seven days.

The special guests walked the carpet and introduced the film to press and winners of a Facebook competition, although were fairly brief in their comments. Joining them was Australia’s Nicky Whelan (Scrubs, Halloween II), who stars in the film alongside Wilson and Sudeikis. Other stars dotting the red carpet included actor Marcus Graham, hosts Trevor Marmalade and Russell Gilbert (whose job it was to keep talking inanely until everybody was inside) and a host of other people you’ve probably never heard of.

Hall Pass is released in Australia on 3 March, 2011 by Roadshow Films. A full review of the film will be up on The Reel Bits by the end of the week.

Hall Pass premiere

Hall Pass premiere

Hall Pass Premiere

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