Latest ‘Green Lantern’ trailer showcases the Corp

Green Lantern

Green Lantern posterComic book fans rejoiced this week as Warner Bros. released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming superhero film, Green Lantern.

Previously trailers had caused some degree of fan ire, especially the CG costume and the apparent emphasis on comedy elements. At least they didn’t hire Jack Black for this one, right? However, the latest trailer – narrated by Australia’s Geoffrey Rush, who plays the alien Lantern Tomar-Re in the film – restores much of the faith that DC Comics fans have lost in recent years over the non-Batman films.

The trailer briefly describes the history of the Green Lantern Corps, the intergalactic space cops, and the momentous event of a human being inducted into the Corp. The dark and moody atmosphere it creates has shifted this up a notch or two in our books, and gives some light in the dark.

The Green Lantern Corps: A Primer

The Corps first appeared back in 1959, in DC Comic’s Showcase #22, the debut of the modern Green Lantern. The story goes that the Guardians of the Universe, some of the first intelligent life in the universe, tapped the willpower energy that fuels the Green Lantern power rings. With them, they divided the known universe into 3600 sectors with someone to patrol each of these sectors. These space cops formed the Green Lantern Corps. There are thousands of Lanterns, and in the world of the comics there have been at least four humans who have held the title over the years. Let’s meet some of the others.

Green Lantern - Abin-SurAbin Sur: The immediate predecessor of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) in Sector 2814 (Earth’s Sector), he crash lands on Earth and is close to dying. His rings seeks out the nearest eligible bearer of the ring, a man without fear. It chooses Hal Jordan, and the rest is history. He is voiced here by Temeru Morrison.

Green Lantern - KilowogKilowog: One of the Corps’ best trainers and recruiters, this big lug is voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan in the feature film of Green Lantern. The heart and soul of the Corps, he is known to be fiercely loyal and big softie, despite his gruff appearance. In the comics, Kilowog maintains the role of “drill sergeant” and is helping to rebuild the Corp after several crises that keep the Corps beleaguered of late.

Green Lantern - Tomar-ReTomar-Re: Along with be the narrator to the above trailer, Tomar-Re is voiced by Geoffrey Rush in the film. His history goes all the way back to Green Lantern #6, Tomar-Re is one of the most senior members of the Corps and a member of the Honour Guard. As one of Abin Sur’s closest friends, he is the first to greet Hal Jordan to the planet OA.

Green Lantern is released 17 June 2011 in the US. Australian fans will have to wait though, as Green Lantern won’t be released locally until 11 August 2011 by Roadshow.

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