First Look: Full clip from ‘Green Lantern’

Green Lantern

Green Lantern posterGreen Lantern comes out in just a few weeks in the US, although we have to wait a few months longer down this end of the world. For those too impatient to wait until August, Warner (via Yahoo! Movies) has released a full one-minute clip from the film.

Green Lantern features Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, the first human to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, a intergalactic team of space cops.

In this first clip, we see Hal Jordan’s first welcome to the planet of Oa, home of the Guardians and the training ground of the Green Lanterns. It gives us the first full showcase of the special effects of the film as well. Observe:

Green Lantern is released 17 June 2011 in the US. Australian fans will have to wait though, as Green Lantern won’t be released locally until 11 August 2011 by Roadshow.

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