Disney revives ‘King of the Elves’?

King of the Elves concept art

King of the Elves posterVariety reports that Disney’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story is back on the cards with Horrible Bosses screenwriter Michael Markowitz set to take on writing duties.

Originally announced back in 2008, along with WALL-ETangled (née Rapunzel), The Bear and the Bow (now Brave) and Pixar’s now-shelved Newt (reportedly too similar to Fox’s Rio),  King of the Elves was slated for a 2012 release but was shelved (seemingly) indefinitely back in December 2009.

Chris Williams, the co-director of Bolt, is now attached to the project, once in the hands of Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker, who both co-directed 2003’s Brother Bear.

King of the Elves is due for a “holiday” 2013 release, following the November 2012 release of Wreck-It-Ralph (formerly known as Reboot Ralph).


King of the Elves concept art

Concept art from Filmonic.com

Walt Disney Animation Studios has King of the Elves listed under “Projects” with a small placeholder page.

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