First Look: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Trailer

Paranormal Activity 3

The Paranormal Activity phenomenon came along and surprised people like not other film series before it. Except maybe The Blair Witch Project. In the wake of other “found-footage” films, including Australia’s own The Tunnel, Paramount has released some of that footage in the form of a teaser trailer for

Expect more creepy children, night-vision lenses and people who can’t seem to hold a digital camera in focus for any length of time. Wasn’t the whole point of these films the surprise element of the footage? Does going in and having an idea of what to expect ruin the basic premise? Guess we’ll find out in October.

Paranormal Activity 3-Trailer by Paramount_Australia

Paranormal Activity 3 poster

Paranormal Activity 3 is released on 20 October 2011 in Australia from Paramount.

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