New trailer and poster for Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’

Kevin Smith's Red State - Love Thy Neighbour

It has only been a few weeks since we announced that Kevin Smith‘s controversial horror film Red State would be making its way to Australia in September, and that the man himself would be accompanying the film on a short tour. Now thanks to SlashFilm, we can have a look at the brand new trailer and poster for the film as well.

The trailer may be considered not safe for work, so ye have been warned. This is a definite, and welcome, change of direction for the Clerks and Chasing Amy director, whose last few films (read: Cop Out) have failed to make the impact of his earlier work. As John Goodman’s character notes in the trailer below, “Simple just shit itself”.

Red State (Love Thy Neighbour) poster

Red State will be released on 13 October 2011 in Australia by Curious Film.

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