Cool Cowboys and Aliens poster from Hopko Designs

Cowboys and Aliens poster - Hopko Designs

We normally don’t post “fan” artwork on here, but we have to admit that this is pretty cool. Scott Hopko of Hopko Designs  sent us over this artwork for Cowboys and Aliens that he has mocked up. Jon Favreau is currently using it as his Twitter avatar, so we like to think it has “official approval” of sorts.

The artwork perfectly captures the cool retro vibe of the film, and is a throwback to the 1950s sci-fi/Westerns that the film is clearly inspired by. The film itself has been receiving a critical panning, but we loved it. It is nice to see that others have been similarly inspired to create such groovy artwork as a result.

Cowboys and Aliens poster - Hopko Designs

You can find more of Hopko’s movie posters over at his Facebook page, and their design work at his website. There’s some more cool art for classic and contemporary films.

Cowboys and Aliens is released on 18 August 2011 in Australia from Paramount.