Exclusive Video Interview: Tran Anh Hung on Norwegian Wood

Tran Anh Hung

Norwegian Wood - Australian posterBack in June, we had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Norwegian Wood director Tran Anh Hung (Scent of Green Papaya) on the film. With the release of the film in Australia this week, we are pleased to present that interview in full.

Based on the 1987 novel of the same name by beloved Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, in turn named for a song off The Beatles’ 1965 LP Rubber Soul, the nostalgic tale is of Toru Watanabe (Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Kamui) who recalls the troubled years he spent with the disturbed Naoko (Rinko Kikuchi, The Brothers Bloom), united by the common loss of Kizuki (Kengo Kora, Box! and the similarly themed Solanin), and torn between his love for her and the willing Midori (Kiko Mizuhara).

Over the course of twenty minutes, we discuss being discovered by the book, Johnny Greenwood of Radio, why film is old and what is happening next.

We need to thank Tracey Mair of TM Publicity for the opportunity to speak to Tran Anh Hung, and of course, Curious Film.

Norwegian Wood is released in Australia on 6 October 2011 from Curious.