Real Steel Featurette: Charlie and Bailey


Real Steel - Australian posterDisney has sent over a featurette for DreamWorks’ Real Steel, out this week in cinemas around the world. Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily talk about the complex nature of their characters’ relationship and about Charlie’s (Hugh Jackman) journey toward redemption.

Real Steel is an action drama about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who, against all odds,  gets one last shot at a comeback when he teams up with his estranged son (Dakota Goyo) to build and train the perfect contender for the new high-tech sport of robot boxing.

With Transformers: Dark of the Moon having taught us all the hard way that big shiny things don’t count for squat unless there is a real human heart at the centre of it all, director Shawn Levy has assembled a perfect group to bring the fleshy elements to life in this robo-drama. As a result, Real Steel is a boxing film for the whole family.

Real Steel is produced by DreamWorks and is released on 6 October 2011 in Australia by Disney.