Interview with Footloose director Craig Brewer

Footloose - Craig Brewer

Footloose - Australian Character Banner - ArielAre you Footloose-d out yet? We’re not, and Paramount has kindly sent us over a mini-exclusive interview with Footloose director Craig Brewer.

Made for the modern audience, the cast rocking the Ray Bans, dancing to hip hop, kicking it in converse and those red boots have taken this film to a whole new place. Julianne Hough plays Ariel and Kenny Wormald, Ren is dubbed to be the next Kevin Bacon. Haven’t heard of many of the actors? That’s because this film represents many dancers come actors to replicate and enhance the classic that is Footloose.

Footloose was released in Australia on 6 October 2011 from Paramount.