Vin Diesel shows off even more Riddick artwork

Riddick's Kick-Ass Armor

Social networks are where it’s at for finding out tidbits about upcoming sci-fi/fantasy productions. Vin Diesel, who has already revealed concept art for his character and a piece of key art provocatively¬†titled¬†The Final Stand of Riddick, has now revealed a third piece of art from the forthcoming R-rated Riddick film directed by series regular David Twohy.

The art below comes from concept artist Vance Kovacs, who also worked on the impressively staged John Carter, and is called “Riddick’s Kick-A$$ Armor”.¬†From his Facebook page, Diesel also added the following text: One of many Necro-armor designs… Haha, I had to share.

It takes hundreds of artists to make a movie… I am excited about the work Our “Riddick” crew of artists, are doing right now in Canada. Their contributions is what will make this film.

P.s. Riddick starts principal photography in weeks… much to do, much to do… especially since it’s “R”…


The third Riddick film will be released sometime in 2012. Click the image to enlarge.

Riddick's Kick-Ass Armor