Film Actually Presents The League – Exclusive Chris Zylka Interview on Shark Night 3D


This post originally appeared on Geek Actually by David McVay.

David McVay of the Film Actually podcast, representing a dynamic group of bloggers known collectively as The League, got a chance to have a telephone interview with actor Chris Zylka about his new film Shark Night 3D.

The new new horror film by David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) is about a group of friends that spend a weekend at a lakeside house only to find that danger lurks beneath the waters. Yet their biggest fear is realised when they discover that the lake’s shark inhabitants are not their only enemy. When attempts to skip town fail one by one, these college kids—or the ones who are left—will have to battle their enemies head-on in order to survive.

Chris was fun company as he tells David a little about the new film, fear of the water, working with a green screen and he even opened up a little about playing Flash Thompson in next year’s re-boot The Amazing Spider-Man.

We need to thank Kasha Tabaka at Icon Film Distribution and A. Faye Krissberg at PR Works for making this interview possible and of course Chris Zylka for taking some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us.

SHARK NIGHT 3D – only at the Movies November 10th 2011

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The Music used in this special presentation comes from the original soundtrack of Shark Night 3D. The track is “Opening Titles – Shark Night 3D” by Graeme Revell.

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