LucasFilm registers domain for Star Wars: Identities

Star Wars - Darth Vader at Walt Disney World, Florida

A few days ago, Fusible broke the news that LucasFilm had registered the domain name for Star Wars: Identities.

Three domain names were registered on November 7th through Corporation Service Company, a brand protection service: (typo) and

Now, normally this would not really be news. We’d think it was yet another video game or related spin-off. However, a few days later LucasArts confirmed (via a report from EuroGamer) that it is not a video game. (However, we do know that there is an RPG game in the works). This would seem to imply that it is, in fact, a new movie or TV series. With the long-rumoured TV show being bandied about for ages, could this be it? Or are we jumping the gun with everybody else?

Let the speculation commence. Could it be a dating service for Star Wars fans? A board game in the style of Guess Who? Or a reality show where viewers pick which “identities” get voted off each week. We may never know. Or more likely it is something really boring.

Stay tuned or leave your guess in the comments below.