Star Trek sequel in 3D, gets composer and release date

Star Trek 2009 Soundtrack

Star Trek soundtrack - GiacchinoComingSoon and Deadline have release two new important bits of information about the upcoming sequel to J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot.

The as-yet-untitled sequel has completed most of the location scouting and will begin shooting in January 2012. Now composer Michael Giacchino has confirmed with ComingSoon that he will return to “Yes, I’ll be back”, he said. “I’ll be there just as soon as they finish it.”

We can also look forward to Giacchino’s scores in the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Disney’s John Carter. Giacchino also did the scores for Mission: Impossible 3 and Abrams’ Super 8.

Deadline also confirms that the film will be released on 17 Ma7 2013, taking the date formerly occupied by Roland Emmerich’s Singularity. They also note that it will be shot in 3D, making it the first Star Trek feature in the format.