Felicity Jones to play Charles Dickens’ The Invisible Woman

Felcity Jones nude in 'Chalet Girl'

The Invisible WomanThe Daily Mail reports that Gotham Award winning Felicity Jones will play Charles Dickens’ mistress in The Invisible Woman.

The Chalet Girl and Like Crazy actress was named Breakthrough Actor of the Year at the Gotham Independent Film Awards this week, and the Mail reports that she will play Nelly Terman, who was the author’s mistress for 13 years up until his death.

Directed by Ralph Fiennes, who made his directorial debut with Coriolanus this year, the film will be based on the accounts by Claire Tomalin in the book of the same name.

The projec thas been developed by producers Stewart Mackinnon and Gaby Tana with BBC Films.

Jones will work on a project with Warren Beatty about, you guessed it, a woman who has a romance with Howard Hughes towards the end of his life.