Benicio Del Toro Declines Star Trek Sequel

William Shatner (James T. Kirk) say "Khaaaan"

Benicio Del ToroWhile reports have been circulating indicating that Abrams was interested in casting Benicio Del Toro as a villain in the Untitled Star Trek Sequel, through to rumours of him playing Khan, all of that is now out the window. Vulture reports that while there were negotiations between the actor and the producers failed to reach a result.

While Del Toro was approached, the report indicates that “the deal actually went asunder last Wednesday after parties couldn’t come to terms over monetary issues”.

On the plus side, the Untitled Star Trek Sequel will star the stunning Alice Eve, and just this morning it was reported that Robocop‘s Peter Weller would join the cast of the film. Perhaps he will take the role that was intended for Del Toro?

Very few details have been released about the notorious secretive Abrams’ follow-up to his first hit, but Roberto Orci and co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are currently working on at least the third draft of the film.

The sequel will begin shooting in January 2012 and is set for a release on 17 May 2013.