The Dark Knight Rises releases viral CIA bulletin

Dr. Leonid Pavel - Confidential

Where The Dark Knight had a massive viral campaign, The Dark Knight Rises has used the marketing strategy carefully, initially to reveal the first images of Bane online. Now two mysterious CIA documents have been released on Wired and Empire Magazine.

The first features actor Alon Abutbul,and is a CIA document relating to a “Dr. Leonid Pavel”.  The second is a transcript between an undisclosed party and militia on tracking down and capturing the mysterious doctor.

What could this all mean? Everything? Nothing? One thing is for sure: it will get the interwebs talking about the possibilities. One of the leading speculations is around Pavel’s connection to Bane, as we know that Bane is needing some fairly intense medical treatment throughout the film.

The short IMAX prologue will begin screening in the large format cinemas around the world from next week, and perhaps this will provide more clues.

The Dark Knight Rises is released on 19 July 2012 in Australia from Roadshow.

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Dr. Leonid Pavel - Confidential

Dr. Leonid Pavel - Confidential