Sundance posters for John Dies At the End,West of Memphis and Luv

West of Memphis poster - Featured

Three new posters from the Sundance Film Festival have emerged from Bloody-Disgusting and IMPAwards for John Dies At the End, West of Memphis and Luv. These join the awesome poster for The Words released a few days ago.

John Dies At the End is one of those wonderful titles that lets you know exactly what will happen in the film. Based on the comedic novel by David Wong, director David Coscarelli’s (who brought us the Phantasm series and Bubba Ho-Tep) film stars Paul Giamatti, and see two friends named John and Dave travel to alternate realities using a drug called “Soy Sauce”. Sounds awesome.

John Dies At the End - Sundance poster

West of Memphis is a documentary from Amy Berg, funded by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, investigating the “West Memphis Three” of Jason Baldwin, Jesse Misskelley Jr., and Damien Echols, who were convicted in 1994 of murdering three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. Jackson and Walsh have been quietly funding this doco for the last 7 years, and the results look remarkable. So does this iconic poster.

West of Memphis - Sundance poster

Finally, there is Luv, Sheldon Candis’ debut starring rapper Common and Michael Rainey Jr. Woody, an adorable 11-year-old boy awaiting the return of his missing mother, lives with his grandmother and Uncle Vincent, who is fresh off an eight-year prison stint. For Woody, the confident, charismatic Vincent is a titan among men. When Vincent notices that Woody could learn a thing or two about becoming a man, he brings him along as he ventures forth to open his own business. But when legit life fails to support Vincent’s vision, and his old Baltimore crime boss, Mr. Fish, haunts him, the pace of little Woody’s manhood lesson accelerates. It also stars Danny Glover, Charles Dutton, and Meagan Good.

Luv - Sundance poster