LEGO Fan Film: Batman in Smile

NLM Productions - Smile

NLM ProductionsNicholas “The Little Geek” McVay, the son of our Film Actually and Behind the Panels co-host David McVay, has produced a short film called Smile, chronicling the ongoing struggle between Batman and the Joker. He’s beek working hard at it for ages, including the special effects and CGI, and it really shows. We are proud to present it here on The Reel Bits as a showcase of his efforts.

There have been countless murders in Gotham city of many people including the deputy mayor Clyde and the one and only thing these murders have in common is they all have a big Smile on there face. It’s up to Batman to find out who is committing these murders and to stop him. But things might get out of hand…

It’s finally done almost half a year in the making and lots of work. Thanks to all of you for being patient this is my best animation yet I think so I hope you guys like this film.

We really enjoyed this film, and if you listen really carefully you might hear a few familiar voices, especially if you are regular listeners of our podcasts.

You can find more of Nicholas’ work on his official YouTube channel.