Podcast: Hell is for Hyphenates – January 2012

Once Upon a Time in the West - Hell is for Hyphenates

Fistful of Dollars posterLast week, we had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on Hell Is For Hyphenates, a monthly movie podcast designed for cinema addicts who have absolutely no plans to kick the habit. Hosted by Lee Zachariah and Paul Anthony Nelson, each episode features a critique of the month’s releases, a burning issue and a featured filmmaker.

Film critic Richard Gray joins us to talk about why Australia’s January releases are so much better than America’s, discuss why so many recent biopics of controversial political figures are lightweight puff pieces, and look at the small but unparalleled filmography of Spaghetti Western maestro Sergio Leone.

We like to thank Lee and Paul for inviting us on the show, and for the general hospitality and geek-worthy conversations had in and around the suburbs of Melbourne.

You can check out more of their work on Hell is For Hyphenates, and the other links above.