New Poster Offers Two Good Reasons To See Dark Tide

Dark Tide poster - Halle Berry's Breasts

The universe clearly came to the decision that we were low on shark movies, with The Reef, Dinoshark, Shark Night 3D having just swum off and shark-in-a-supermarket Bait due in cinemas this year. So into this crowded market comes Dark Tide, a movie about a woman overcoming a near-fatal shark attack, but ultimately ends up swimming with sharks.

Now Yahoo! Movies gives us a poster with two very good reasons to see the film. Did you see that shark fin lurking in the water? Neither did we. You know who else didn’t see it? Everybody.

Courage may not be the only thing running deep on the poster, but actor/director John Stockwell is responsible for Blue Crush and Into The Blue, another fact that was on the poster and we didn’t see for some reason.

Dark Tide is released in the US on 30 March 2012 fromĀ Wrekin Hill Entertainment. Australian date is TBA.

Click image to enlarge (the poster, that is)

Dark Tide poster