Ridley Scott and Fuji Television Launch Japan In A Day

Japan In A Day

Japan In A Day

Last year, we experienced a unique crowd-sourced documentary called Life In A Day, the first major experiment in a user generated feature, using the most compelling footage from the submissions. Inspired by Kevin McDonald’s film, Ridley and Tony Scott are producing a new crowd-sourced feature based purely on Japan, which gave rise to some of the most compelling footage in the first film.

Japan In A Day is an extraordinary project to create the definitive self-portrait of Japan today, filmed by you on 11 March 2012, inspired by Life in a Day. It is dedicated, with our deepest sympathy, to those who lost their lives and those who are suffering as a result of the earthquake and tsunami that struck east Japan last year.

At 00:00 on Sunday 11 March 2012, Ridley Scott and Fuji TV invite you to capture the reality and intimacy of your day and to upload it here at www.youtube.com/japaninaday.

The resulting film will be a powerful and moving snapshot of Japan today, which will premiere in cinemas, and be screened around the world.