Vin Diesel Reveals More Photos from Riddick

Vin Diesel just sitting as Riddick. Yup, just sitting.

Vin Diesel has been quiet for a few weeks, but now he’s back: in photo form. Diesel’s official Facebook page has released two new set photos from the forthcoming Riddick, along with this very special note from the star.

Despite the fact, that this by far is the most physical of roles that I have played… I decided to show a picture you might never see… a candid, of me in between a lighting set up, just reflecting…

It has been sometime now since I have ventured to that place, where the Furyan dwells… It is strange how learning about myself always coincides with playing the character, which has never been more true…

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Riddick flying (Vin Diesel)

Riddick sitting (Vin Diesel)