Max Landis to Script Chronicle 2 for Fox

Chronicle - Inside a cave, Matt (Alex Russell, left), Steve (Michael B. Jordan) and Andrew (Dane DeHaan) make a discovery that will change their lives.

Chronicle posterDeadline reports that Max Landis, the screenwriter who penned the surprise hit Chronicle, has ben signed on for a follow-up to the Josh Trank directed film. Not for nothing either: on a budget of just $15 million, it has made $105 million worldwide, and Hollywood execs start to notice when you make back seven times your budget.

The film, which focuses on three teens who find they have developed superpowers after an encounter with a mysterious object, Chronicle was a startling fresh spin on the superhero film, and was the gamma ray burst needed to mutate the genre onto a whole new level. Historically, however, found footage sequels have never been as good as their predecessors, although the Paranormal Activity series seems to be bucking the trend.

According to Deadline, Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment has also earlier acquired Amnesty, a pitch from Landis that the legendary Ron Howard is attached to direct and in January. Disney has also reportedly purchased an untitled adventure story from the 26 year-old writer who is now one of the hottest writers in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, original director Josh Trank may or may not be directing a Fantastic Four reboot, but last we heard he was interested in pursuing original projects. As such, it is questionable as to whether he will come back for a second go at