New Tom Hodge Poster for Cell Count

Call Count poster (Tom Hodge)

We love Tom Hodge’s (aka The Dude Designs) poster art work, and we have featured him several times in our Best Posters pieces. His latest work for the film Cell Count continues to expand his excellent body of work, finding small details in large groups of characters

Over on his blog he explains: “My main aim for the design was to capture all the rich nuances, characters, plot twists and atmosphere of the movie to build this static trailer. I took a lot of influence from the Thai posters of the 70s, as they always had such a great flair for balancing out a broad spectrum of elements but still tying them together in a composition that looks unified as a whole”.

Fabulous stuff, and we feel fairly certain that this will make it into our Best of March 2012 posters.

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Call Count poster (Tom Hodge)