New IMAX Trailer and Viral Video from Prometheus

Prometheus - Viral - Michael Fassbender

Prometheus - International posterThe viral campaign for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus has already given us one glimpse at the technology of the future with a TED Talk from Peter Weyland, and now we get a glimpse at a section bit of that technology thanks to Fox. With WonderCon on this week, we also get a first look at the IMAX trailer which contains new footage.

In the first video, we get a viral trailer advertising Weyland’s synthetic humans being¬†indistinguishable from the real thing, and Michael Fassbender seems to have been one of these constructs. The second is the IMAX trailer and it is all about the action, Noomi Rapace and a few more spoilers.

Prometheus has played its cards pretty close to the chest so far, not revealing much about the film until the trailers began to emerge. Indeed, Scott long denied a connection to the Alien universe, but the evidence is mounting. The cat was well and truly out of the bag with the introduction of Weyland Industries, and shots of the Space Jockey and the U-shaped ship discovered in the first Alien universe. We hope that very little new is released between now and June, as this looks like it will be all about the surprises.

Prometheus opens in 3D on 8 June 2012 from Fox.