Warner Releases First Look at Green Arrow from Arrow

Green Arrow - Stephen Amell - CW's Arrow

CW/Warner (via Comic Book Resources) has released the first image of Stephen Amell from their upcoming pilot Arrow, based on DC Comics book Green Arrow.

Designed by three-time Academy Award winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (Chicago, Memoirs of a Giesha, Alice in Wonderland), pilot director/executive producer David Nutter (Smallville, Supernatural) said in accompanying text, “When I directed the pilot for ‘Smallville,’ I knew that making Clark Kent relatable would be the key to audiences believing in him as a hero. ‘Arrow‘ is a different show — darker and harder-edged — but it’s the same core idea. We’re creating a real, believable world in which Oliver Queen can do incredible things. Colleen Atwood’s great work on the Arrow costume reflects that effort.”

We are pleased to see not only a hood for the character, and a simple classic design, but a beard! It might just be two shades above designer stubble, but Arrow’s facial hair has become intrinsic to his character, and we’re glad CW’s version is holding on to this.

Arrow is a modern retelling of the legendary comics character and hails from Green Lantern duo Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, who will executive produce and pen the project alongside Fringe co-EP Andrew Kreisberg, with whom they worked on Eli Stone.

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Green Arrow - Stephen Amell - CW's Arrow