Two New Jeremy Saunders Posters for Short Films Anima and Tender

Anima poster - Jeremy Saunders

We love to feature the world of awesome poster artists, especially when they are awesome Australian poster artists like Jeremy Saunders. Famous for key art for Suburban Mayhem, Animal Kingdom and Candy to name but a few, he’s also done some posters for shorts. As he says on his Facebook page:

“I like to work on short films, bank manager permitting. It’s an opportunity to work with new people and can present a very different set of challenges to feature work”.

The first is for a Scott Manion short called Anima, a short SCIFI/Drama about as a recluse ending 5 years of self-confinement to fight his addiction to technology. As for Tender, Saunders says “Hey, it’s a short. Why can’t we have a quad poster? No reason whatsoever.”

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Anima poster - Jeremy Saunders

Tender poster - Jeremy Saunders