‘Toon Tuesday: Aardman Shorts, Plastic Man and Tokyo Disneyland Anime

Tokyo Disneyland Anime

Saturday mornings are old school. Tuesday is all about the ‘toons, and we scour the web to find some of the latest cool toons for you to check out on a Tuesday. Take that establishment.

DC Nation posterIn addition to the Super Best Friends Forever playing with the DC Nation run of ‘toons on the CN, in between Green Lantern and Young Justice, DC will also be running a series of interstitials around Plastic Man and DC World’s Funnest from Aardman Animation. There’s also a short from Tokyo Disneyland that has been done up in anime style.

In the second Plastic Man short, the first airing earlier in the month, Plastic Man goes up against a woman of concrete villainy. This was spotted by Comics Alliance. These shorts are based on the Puddle Trouble pilot that was made all the way back in 2006, but never went to air.

Like their similar Creature Comforts, Aardman Animation has put together a series of shorts called DC World’s Funnest. Taking the voices of kids and pairing them up with cartoonish claymation versions of DC’s greatest heroes and villains, hilarity ensues. Here, Superman muses on Wonder Woman’s dress sense and the Joker gets new shoes.

While we are neither a Disney fan site nor anime specialists, it is undeniably cool.This one comes via Bleeding Cool.