Disney Confirms Major Villain for The Avengers?


The Avengers Assemble posterIs this a late April Fool’s Day joke or a massive spoiler for The Avengers? We’ll let you decide on this one. Late last night Australian time, technically still 1 April local time, but perhaps too late for making a mockery of the news process, Disney made an interesting post on Facebook. We have to stress caution at this time of year.

Marvel’s The Avengers Australia & New Zealand Facebook page posted an image of Thanos, The Mad Titan’s gauntlet, one that has been floating around for at least a year, with the following text:

One of the Avengers’ main villains is Thanos, The Mad Titan, who fashioned six powerful gems into the Infinity Gauntlet. As a cool Easter Egg, the director of Thor snuck the gauntlet into the film stored within Odin’s trophy room“.

We know that half of that statement is true, as it did appear in the film Thor (pictured below). Has local Disney released a major spoiler? Rumours of the involvement of Thanos have been floating around for a while now, so this might hold to be true. However, we stress that it says “one of the Avengers'” main villains, and not one of the main villains in The Avengers, meaning it could just be referring to the comic.

On the confirmed front, the image in the header is of an alien attack force, seen in the TV spots released last week.

The Avengers is released in Australia on 25 April 2012 from Disney. It will be released in the US a week later on 4 May 2012.

Infinity Gauntlet - Marvel

Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's Vault - from THOR (2011)