Anchor Bay to Release Silent Night, Deadly Night Remake

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) posterVariety reports that Stephen C. Miller will direct Malcolm McDowell in Silent Night, a loose remake of the 1984 Christmas themed horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night.

The Genre Company and Inferno’s Ember Productions will produce, with Anchor Bay distributing the film in the US. Jayson Rothwell’s script follows a local police department’s search for the killer Santa Claus terrorizing a remote Midwestern town on Christmas Eve. McDowell will play Sheriff Cooper, a small-town hero ready for some big-time action.

A product of the 1980s, where the only question was what would the killer be wearing in a series of interchangeable slashers, the original spawned four sequels, one of which starred Mickey Rooney. That first film was about an orphan boy who went on a killing spree due to his traumatic association between Christmas/Santa and murder/rape.

Long-time followers of the ‘Bits, will know this is one of our favourite “bad movies” ever. Many have also claimed that the film is incredibly mean-spirited, and at least some of that accusation is justified, as the film was trying to be shocking and offensive. The only thing better is the eye-brow work in Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.

We will be watching this story unfold closely.