Marvel and MTV Launch Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals

Avengers VS X-Men - Issue #2 (Cover)

Avengers VS X-Men - Issue #1 (Cover)

Marvel has sent over some full episodes to MTV Geek‘s Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals, in which comic geeks finally get to battle it out over who would win in a fight between Cyclops and Captain America. We’re sure it will all end with tea and biscuits.

Marvel and MTV have officially launched the first full-length episode of Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals, an unprecedented new video series going behind the scenes of the year’s most important comic book event, at MTV Geek. Join Axel Alonso (Marvel Editor in Chief), Tom Brevoort (Marvel SVP/Executive Editor) and Nick Lowe (Senior Editor) as they discuss putting their own personal allegiances aside to craft the biggest story in Marvel history and meet fans at Midtown Comics in NYC for the largest Avengers VS. X-Men launch party in the world! As fans argue about who will win—Avengers or X-Men—some of the hottest celebrities—DJ Pauly D, Big Time Rush and the Wanted—let you know just which team they’ve chosen! Plus, discover more bonus clips featuring the biggest names in comics exclusively at MTV Geek.

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