Podcast: Behind the Panels – Issue 24: Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman: Trinity

Batman Superman Wonder Woman: Trinity

Behind the Panels: Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman TrinityHosted By: Richard Gray & David McVay

In this issue we continue our season of holiday specials. Richard has gone to Europe for the next few weeks but we wanted to make sure you still get your Panels goodness. So we pre-recorded our kick ass Pick of the Week sections for the next few weeks and skipped all the other stuff. So, sit back and enjoy our talk about Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman: Trinity by Matt Wagner with Dave Stewart.

Our next reading assignment: The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe by Garth Ennis and Dougie Braithwaite and The Punisher Meets Archie by Batton Lash, John Buscema and Stan Goldberg.

The Vintage Clip of the Week this week is:
The Brady Kids (1972) – “It’s All Greek To Me”

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The music used for this episode is the theme to the TV series “Justice League Unlimited”.