The Avengers Assembles $80 Million Opening Day US, Plus DVD/Blu-ray Details

Nick Fury and the Avengers

The Avengers Assemble posterAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, after a reasonable $18.1 midnight opening, a day was all the difference with the Joss Whedon superhero film for Marvel Studios bringing in a stunning $80.5 million on Friday, with a predicted $170 million for the weekend. Add to this the $334.3 million worldwide, and the film has already clocked $414.8 worldwide

This puts The Avengers well on its way to toppling Iron Man 2‘s worldwide gross (unadjusted) of $585.2 million, and putting Marvel Studios leader Iron Man (with $623.9 million) in its assembled sights. (Source: Box Office Mojo).

It is already the second highest opener of all time, following last year’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 with $91.1 million on its first day. It took a total of $169.2 million for the weekend, and analysts say that The Avengers could pip it at the post.

We’d say it is safe to assume the franchise isn’t going anywhere soon. So fanboys and girls who have already seen this four time, you’ve done your job. This goes some of the way for making up for Disney’s unjustified loss on John Carter as well.

In related news, Joss Whedon tells Collider that the DVD/Blu-ray will see at least another 30 minutes of deleted scenes not included in the final cut, which originally ran for over three hours. He specifically mentions a scene in Captain America’s apartment. Check out the video below:

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