Gorgeous Tom Whalen Toy Story Poster for Mondo

Toy Story - Tom Whalen - Mondo poster

Mondo will release a new Toy Story poster for sale today, and the art is by the wonderful Tom Whalen, who is responsible for many of the Disney and other animated prints Mondo put out.

Over at Strong Stuff, Whalen’s blog that showcases a huge amount of his artwork, he comments on the creation of the poster:

My goal here was to capture the awe and wonder that swept all of the toys in andy’s room (with the notable exception of Woody) when Buzz arrived on the scene.

At any rate, I think it’s only fitting that this poster series ends with the first Pixar film, which unbelievably, was released all the way back in 1995.

For an Easter Egg, check out what the toy blocks spell.

If you want these, follow Mondo News on Twitter to fin out the on sale dates. Be quick, as these tend to disappear in minutes, only to mysteriously reappear on eBay moments later. This is selling…with style!

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Toy Story - Tom Whalen - Mondo poster