Retro Mondo Posters for Dragonslayer, Film, Shadow of a Doubt and The Unholy Three

Dragonslayer - Mondo poster - JC Richard

Mondo have released several new posters for sale on their site from 1 June, which have no doubt disappeared by the time you read this. Once again their collective of artists have take retro films as their inspiration, and there are some stunning results.

The always reliable J.C. Richard is behind the Dragonslayer (1981) poster, inspired by the Disney and Paramount co-production that was something a little bit different for both studios at the time. J.C. Richard was clearly inspired by the film, and over at the Mondo blog he talks at great length about his inspiration for the poster.

Alan Schneider’s Film (1965) gave the Delicious Design League their template, and there is a myriad of things to look at, as well as look back at you. For this poster Mondo in association with the The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema have partnered with Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation to create a series of poster based on classics, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt (1943) was one of the master’s favourites. Alan Hynes is behind the poster. Finally, early horror master Tod Browning’s The Unholy Three (1925) gave artist Jeff Kleinsmith an optical illusion vibe.

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Dragonslayer - Mondo poster - JC Richard.

Film - Mondo poster - Delicious Design League

Shadow of a Doubt - Mondo poster - Alan Hynes

The Unholy Three - Mondo poster - Jeff Kleinsmith