Seth Grahame-Smith Gives Update on Beetlejuice 2


Yesterday, we had the pleasure to sit down with author Seth Grahame-Smith and actor Benjamin Walker, mostly to discuss their upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Naturally, the conversation turned to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2, which the Dark Shadows screenwriter will be penning, and where¬†Grahame-Smith was up to with his script. We asked him how he went about approaching a character that character. He let us know that he has spoken with Tim Burton and Michael Keaton, and how they want to get the script right.

The complete interview will go up in the next few days. For now enjoy this small nugget in video form below.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is released in Australia on 2 August 2012 from Fox.

Video interview with Seth Grahame-Smith