Billy Connolly Declares National Red Hair Appreciation Day for Brave

Billy Connolly Supports National Red Hair Appreciation Day

Brave Australian posterEverybody knows that we love redheads here at The Reel Bits, and now we have a chance to stand up and support our ginger haired idols.

On his recent visit to Australia to promote Brave, Walt Disney Studios Australia and New Zealand roped actor Billy Connolly into a public service announcement in aid of our flame-haired friends everywhere.

So on 21 June 2012, stand up, Australia! For Karen Gillan! Isla Fisher! Julianne Moore! Lily Cole! Ron Weasley! Erm…Eric Stoltz!

Brave is released on 21 June 2012 in Australia from Disney. It is released in the US on 22 June 2012.