Safety Not Guaranteed Team Head for The Ambassador


Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, who respectively directed and wrote the wonderful Safety Not Guaranteed, will team up again for a new sci-fi film called The Ambassador. They’ll once again work with Big Beach productions, with Marc Turtletaub and Peter Saraf set to produce. Deadline has provided the logline for the film:

“The film is set in the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, which not only monitors the universe for signs of life, but is prepared to represent humanity if and when aliens arrive on earth. A shy, low-ranking staffer unwittingly makes first contact when he meets a mysterious beautiful woman and must risk more than his job when they are threatened by forces of this world and beyond.”

It’s wonderful that this duo are going to continue making films in a genre that they helped inject some humanity back into. In our recent interview with Trevorrow, who was in Australia to screen Safety Not Guaranteed on the closing night of the Sydney Film Festival, Trevorrow spoke in broad terms about his next project:

“The kinds of conversations I’m having for films to direct, there is going to be a pretty big leap in budget from the first to the second one. It’s something that I’m conscious of, and a little bit wary of. I’ve seen a lot of really promising directors given these huge films right away. The things the studios are doing, they’re doing it for the right reasons because they want to infuse these big movies with the kind of interesting, fresh nuance that directors from my generation are bringing to movies…So the challenge I have in taking this on is to stay working with Derek, we’re certainly not breaking up, this is a true partnership and it’s going to remain so for the duration. To continue making these movies honest, but to be able to take some risks even in the context of larger scale stories”.

Check out that full interview at your leisure.