Lacie James To Play Zatanna in Justice League 3DX

Lacie James

Lacie JamesSinister X Syndicate, the official website of Rob Black Productions, has revealed that XXX starlet Lacie James has been confirmed to play the magical Zatanna in the porn parody adaptation Justice League 3DX.

This follows hot on the high heels of Rob Black’s Birds of Prey XXX: A Sinister Comixxx Parody due out next month. With the superhero porn industry now churning out films at a faster rate than Hollywood, we imagine there will be a lot of fans who are just like Spider-man: alone in their room, staring at their web and sticking to everything.

James’ previous parody work has included Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody.

From the press release:

James will conjure up a spell or two, and seduce viewers with her green eyes and 34D-26-36 figure.  Ranked fourth on the list in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” the Zatanna character has always been a super sexy, super favorite to a multitude of comic book fans.  Sinister X Syndicate head of sales Dave Peskin is looking forward to promoting Lacie James in the role.

“With each new star we announce, I get even more excited.  Lacie James is beyond hot, and having her in the role of one of the comic industries most sought after, sexy sirens is a dream as a sales manager.  The talent for Justice League 3DX is off the hook, and I’m looking forward to moving big numbers on this title, just on the cast alone.  We have the best parody director in the biz, and the best lineup of star power.  This movie is really going to be incredible.”

Sinister X Syndicate continues to make power moves with talent acquisitions, new media platform launches and industry shaking announcements that secure the Syndicate’s dominance in the world of super hero parodies.  Company head Sinister X says that this is just the beginning.

“The build has been deliberate and methodical, and as you’ve been able to see over the past two weeks, my crew and I have been hard at work making big action happen.  Lacie James as Zatanna, come on, that’s a no-brainer.  We are heating things up with our hottest lineup of girls ever!  Through all the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my career, this has got to be the most exciting time of my life and i can’t wait to begin production on Justice League 3DX.  JLA-XXX was my return to the business over a year ago, and Justice League 3DX is going to make that flick look like a student project.  I’m back baby, and I’m making bigger waves than ever.”