Marvel Declares: “This is War”

This is War - Captain America - Featured

With the release of Captain America image today, Marvel continues to tease its October “event” with the tagline “This is War”.

The bloodied Cap shield accompanies pictures of Thor’s mighty hammer being less than mighty, and Wolverine’s clawed hand engulfed in flame. No more information is provided, but Marvel promises you can “Find out more Sunday, July 15th at the Amazing Spider-Man panel, 12:30PM PST, during Comic Con International 2012!

UPDATE: (28/6): Marvel has provided an additional image of Iron Man’s helmet, with two dripped bullet holes through the important bits.

UPDATE 2: (28/6) Marvel issues another clue, in the form of an ex-Spider-man.

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You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #ThisMeansWar

This is War - Thor

This is War - Captain America

This Is War - Marvel - Spider-man

This Is War - Iron Man (Marvel)

This Is War - Spider-man