100 Years of Universal at Sydney’s State Theatre in July and August

Universal 100 Years Logo

Universal Logo 1912To Celebrate 100 years of Universal Pictures the beautiful State Theatre is screening some of the best pictures from the Universal stable of the last century.

All of these coincide with Universal’s Blu-ray re-releases, such as the previously announced Alfred Hitchcock: Masterpiece Collection, Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Frankenstein and Dracula, so we imagine these prints will look pretty amazing. The rest have all been announced as part of the studio’s centennial celebrations.

These can be booked through Ticketmaster. According to the State Theatre, the following will be playing throughout the next two months:


July 22: 1.30pm: Spielberg’s screaming success that was a boxoffice monster: JAWS (M) 1975
July 22: 4.00pm: Universal’s poetic first Oscar winner for Best Film: ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (M) 1930.
July 22: 7.00pm: Australia’s own Rod Taylor with Tippy Hedren in Hitchcock’s master-thriller THE BIRDS(M) 1963
July 29: 1.30pm: The Andrews Sisters with Abbott and Costello as BUCK PRIVATES (G) 1941
July 29: 4.00pm: Winner of Best Film and 7 major Oscars: Newman and Redford create THE STING (PG) 1974
July 29: 7.00pm: It’s alive! Boris Karloff creates horror history as FRANKENSTEIN (M) 1931.


Aug 5: 1.30pm: The family film event of this or any year: Spielberg’s E.T. The Extraterrestrial. (G) 1982
Aug 5: 4.00pm: Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in the evergreen glorious Oscar winner OUT OF AFRICA(M) 1985.
Aug 5: 7.30pm: Monster wants a mate: Boris Karloff gets Elsa Lanchester: THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (PG) 1935
Aug 12: 1.30pm: Sublime stylish ‘fifties comedy: Rock Hudson and Doris Day do love some PILLOW TALK(G) 1959
Aug 12: 4.00pm: Gregory Peck in his favourite role as Atticus Finch: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (PG) 1962
Aug 12: 7.00pm: “I vant to suck your blud”: Bela Lugosi’s original spooky vampire mayhem: DRACULA(M) 1930

Each feature will be preceded by a 10 minute Cinesound newsreel.