New Dredd Motion Poster Passes Sentence

Dredd motion poster

Dredd, the latest adaptation of the 2000 AD comic featuring the badass to beat all badasses, will be taking Judge Dredd to San Diego Comic Con next week. To celebrate, this new motion poster has been released (via Bleeding Cool).

The motion is simplicity itself, but is quintessential Dredd. After the trailer dropped last month, we all agreed itlooks damn cool, with Karl Urban capturing everyone’s favourite gravelly Judge, albeit slightly reminiscent of The Raid. Mind you, anybody could be under than helmet. Even you. Is it you? It’s you isn’t it?

This is quietly shaping up to be one of the bigger geek events of the year. While the fan-base may not be as huge as The Dark Knight Rises, the 2000 AD fans are incredibly dedicated.

Dredd is released in Australia on 25 October 2012 from Icon. It comes to UK screens on 7 September.