Five New Viral Mondo Posters for ParaNorman

ParaNorman Mondo poster - Drew Millward

For the release of ParaNormanMondo have assembled some excellent artists and placed five new posters around the US at various locations.  If you do spot one in the wild, take a picture of it and tag it #WEIRDWINS.

The posters below come from  Little Friends of PrintmakingGlen BroganDave PerilloGraham Erwin and Drew Millward. You can find more information on the Weird Wins website. All of these unique and amazing retro-inspired posters are frame-worthy, and it will be difficult to choose just one for the Best Posters of July 2012.

ParaNorman is released on 17 August 2012 in the US, and on 10 January 2013 in Australia.

ParaNorman Mondo poster - Little Friends of Printmaking

ParaNorman Mondo Poster - Glen Brogan

ParaNorman Mondo poster - Dave Perillo

ParaNorman Mondo Poster - Graham Erwin

ParaNorman Mondo poster - Drew Millward