Comic-Con: The Punisher Dirty Laundry Short with Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman

Thomas Jane - The Punisher

Thomas Jane has shared his gift to geekdom with the world. Despite the disappointing box office on 2003’s The Punisher, Jane was a magnificent Frank Castle.

On the weekend, he debuted a fan-made short film at San Diego Comic-Con starring himself and Ron Perlman, set in The Punisher universe. Known only as Dirty Laundry, it is a very special treat indeed. He said “I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle and his fans”. He later added on Twitter, “Not pushing anything.  Just a fan film from Friends of Frank”.

Our hat is firmly off to Jane and Perlman, the two best sports in the whole film industry. Just last week, Perlman visited a sick child in hospital in full Hellboy gear! Check out the full 10-minute short below. Be warned: unless your workplace is big on violence and language, this is best watched with headphones.