First Class Sequel Officially X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past Cover

Days of Future Past CoverIn an interview with producer Bryan Singer, IGN has confirmed that the X-Men: First Class sequel will be officially X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check out the full video interview below!

Marvel Comics fans have more than sufficient reason to be excited by this prospect, based on a story that goes back to 1981’s X-Men #141 and the retitled The Uncanny X-Men #142 by writer Chris Claremont and artists┬áJohn Byrne and Terry Austin. The time-jumping saga concerned the X-Men’s failure to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly leading to a future in which mutants were held in internment camps, and the United States is ruled by giant robotic┬áSentinels.

“It’s going to be very ambitous,” says Singer. “It deals with aspects of that comic, but also some new things”. Praising what Marvel Studios has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he goes on to hint at some connectivity between the various X-Men films, emphasising that the X-Men universe is almost as big as the Marvel Universe generally.

The film is currently being written by Simon Kinberg, and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn. It is set for release on 18 July 2014 from Fox.