Podcast: Film Actually News – 07-08-2012

Film Actually News - 7th August 2012

Film Actually News LogoWelcome to the brand new Film Actually News for August 7th, 2012. This week: Mel Gibson talks about Machete Kills, Marvel haggles for the return of its characters, Raging Bull 2 is back on again, Jumanji gets a remake, M. Night Shyamalan heads to TV and Sacha Baron Cohen parodies James Bond. All this plus the new trailer for Skyfall and much more!

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott & Richard Gray

What used to be a boring, stuffy film section of the Film Actually podcast has been spun off into it’s own, we hope, more entertaining show. We don’t make the news, we just have fun with it. Film Actually News – Loud, Fast and Under Thirty Minutes… or your money back.

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This show carries an explicit tag due to coarse language.

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Some days, you just can’t rid of a bomb! Raging Bull 2 lives!

I’ll trade you Daredevil for Galactus!
or will I…?

Uhh, where are the volcanos?

Mel Gibson talks about Machete Kills.

The Germans want Nick Fury’s briefcase

M. Night Shyamalan, ‘nuff said.

Why?!? A Jumanji reboot is no longer a rumour and is now on the way.

Speaking of “Why?!?”, Sacha Baron Cohen to spoof James Bond.

The Damon Legacy – Awesome trailer parody!

I blue myself!

And to finish us off for tonight here is the new trailer for Skyfall.

The Rest…

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