Wreck-It Ralph Retro Commercial and Monsters University Gets Viral

Monsters University - Viral

One thing you can count on with Disney is a great campaign for their films. Unless it’s John Carter, of course, in which case it is quietly abandoned. Two new examples for upcoming animated releases demonstrate this gift, with a retro commercial for the 8-bit retro charmer Wreck-It Ralph and full mock website for Pixar prequel Monsters University.

Like their viral videos for Lots-O’ Huggin Bear circa “1983”, this commercial advertises the original Fix-It Felix Jr game that “inspired” the film. Disney earlier put the game up online for people to play as well. These people understand what it is to be geek.

For Monsters University, a lot of effort has gone into this campaign. Indeed, somebody has gone to the trouble of looking at a lot of university and college websites to get this right. Faculty, sports pride, new, campus life, an extensive curriculum (including a dual major in English/Creative Roaring) and naturally a merchandise store. A few screencaps, including a campus map, can be found below.

Monsters University - Viral

Monsters University Campus Map