Like to Reveal a Preview of Iron Man 3!

Iron Man 3 - Sneak Preview

Iron Man is feeling insecure and needs you to like him! Disney will reveal a sneak preview from Iron Man 3 via their official Facebook page for the film, but first you need to charge up the Arc reactor. It seems to be powered by likes now. What an age we live in. At the time of posting, the page was 10% charged at 10 million likes. This could take a while.

Tony Stark IS Iron Man! To re-energize Tony’s Arc reactor, “Like” the official Iron Man Facebook page. Every “Like” recharges Tony’s power supply. Once the Arc reactor reaches maximum capacity, you’ll be the first to see a special sneak preview of Marvel’s Iron Man 3!

Iron Man 3 is released in the US onĀ 3 May 2013, and an even earlier release date of 25 April 2012 here in Australia from Disney.

Iron Man 3 - Sneak Preview on Facebook