The Reel Bits Closes Down

The Godfather

Effective immediately, The Reel Bits is shutting its doors after just over 2 years in the business, 10 more if you count DVD Bits (nobody really did though).

The strain of running a website takes its toll eventually, and negotiating the landscape of studios, PR and the social media landscape is just too much for one needlessly hairy man. Basically, it’s just not fun any more.

For some other great local sources of news and reviews, check out our friends at Spotlight Report for literally everything in the Australian entertainment industry. Almost every Australian critic worth reading, and a few who aren’t, are aggregated on Choc Bomb. Of course, we can still be heard semi-regularly with our good friends on the Geek Actually podcast network, with some specials coming out between now and next year before rebooting in 2013.

There’s always a chance I’ll change my mind, but it’s not like we’ll be missed in any way.

Farewell to the footnote of the Internet, and thank you to everybody who has supported us over the years.To everybody else, you know what you can do.

  • Kathy

    Naaww I’ll miss ya thanks for the giveaways on the way.

  • redpapermen

    RIP Reelbits – your banner logo was excellent and you operated with class.

    Perhaps now we’ll see some comic scripts…

  • Bummer. I just found your site 🙁

  • Michelle Budge

    Nooooooo………:( sorry to see you go…:(

  • Jayne

    Thanks so much for saving me on many a PR occasion 🙂 Your supportive was incredible!